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Get inspired by our range of vintage metal car signs, retro neon and LED signs as well as other classic muscle car and rod rodding styled signs and products designed to bring our the classic car lover in you! If you are part of a car enthusiastic group or just meet with friends on the weekends and are perhaps looking to bring a style upgrade to your garage, or home, or business? At Endless Weekends we can provide the retro styled sign to match your ride! If you are a weekend mechanic doing car mods to your car and friends within your car enthusiasts local community you'll fall in love with our unique retro signs and products that will bring style and nostalgia to your garage or man cave.   

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Shop our classic collection of neon and LED retro signs and metal car signs today and find our why Endless Weekends loves the car culture we are part of! Make your car stand out with are accessories and dress the part with our collection of Endless Weekends clothing styles coming soon. There is something for every car loving enthusiast here at Endless Weekends!

From hot rodders to the 4x4 enthusiast, we have everything in between - retro memorabilia for your garage, including but not limited to neon signs, metal signs, LED signs, automotive apparel, automotive accessories, car accessories, performance parts, garage, camping apparel and will be getting new products such as camping gear, stickers, merchandise packs, 4x4 apparel and hot rod apparel. 

Merchandise, apparel and stickers for JDM, Hot Rod, Muscle Cars, customs, off-road enthusiasts, 4x4 lovers, outdoor enthusiasts , car enthusiasts. We are attending events around Australia, especially our home state Queensland. 

We are passionate about encouraging others to get outside and live their best lives. From going off-road every weekend, to cruising the mountains in your hotted up ride or even taking the dog for a stroll to the beach. We are all about creating Endless Weekends and living your best life, how you choose. 


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