Event Marking Flags - 15x4x5 - 100pcs

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Endless Weekends - ⛳ Marking Flags

Durable and Long-Lasting: Our marking flags are crafted from high-quality PVC that resists fading and tearing. Each flag is securely attached to a high carbon steel wire pole with a high-strength adhesive, ensuring they remain intact. The sturdy poles can penetrate the soil without deforming, and you can write on them for added convenience.

Sturdy and Reliable: Unlike wrapped flags, our glued-on markers are designed to withstand strong winds and resist being blown away or removed. The steel metal wire poles provide superior durability compared to plastic alternatives, making them reusable. The bright fluorescent orange color ensures clear visual warnings.

Wide Range of Applications: These PVC marker flags are perfect for various industries including construction field layouts, line location, landscaping, pet training, utility construction, line locating, and forestry. Their high visibility makes them ideal for above-ground marking tasks.

Versatile Home Use: Utilize our small yard flags to mark lawn boundaries, garden plants, or landscaping plans. They are perfect for marking sprinkler locations to prevent damage, defining invisible fences to keep your pet safe, and setting boundaries with neighbors to avoid disputes.

Essential for Commercial Use: Enhance workplace safety during construction by clearly demarcating areas and pinpointing the locations of underground cables or pipes. Marking flags are indispensable for ground surveys and drawing accurate site plans.